Chaire de recherche Marguerite-d'Youville d'interventions humanistes en soins infirmiers / Université de Montréal

MY Space

A space for creation, sharing and innovations related to humanistic care and interventions!

MY Space is a creative space for sharing and innovation in humanistic care and interventions for people living in situations of vulnerability and their loved ones. MY Space brings together the results of the Chair's research work, the experiences of the individuals receiving care and their families and friends, and the expertise of members of the clinical and teaching communities, administrators and decision-makers. 

MY Space is intended as a space for: 
1. Creating discussions based on robust scientific data and due consideration for the kind of personal and professional life experiences that promote learning; 
2. Establishing concrete partnerships with clinical settings and community organizations to ensure rapid implementation of new humanistic care practices and interventions; and
3. Generating strategies for effective knowledge transfer as well as coaching strategies for achieving sustainable change.

MY Space goes out to meet people and is organized around various kinds of activities, such as conferences and dialogues with various audiences, webinars, training sessions, and reflective practice activities with nurses or other health professionals.

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